Your new generation logistics solution partner...

Blue partners is a new generation logistics solution partner founded with a movement of partnership idea and loyalty to the “BLUE”, the clour of life; which the aim is to meet along the same line with its customers as well as its’ suppliers.

Blue Partners is one of the unique of its kind service companies where the logistics solutions are provided meeting the past and the future with nowadays solutions.



Our integrated BlueTree System provides various reports which links our customers, suppliers, 3 parties under the same platform syncing all separate figures, performance and numbers


Providing easy access to search or get a copy for any ready invoice from our platform

e-Bill of Lading

Customer or our worldwide agents can check and get a copy of any House Bill of Lading using from their private line

e-Tracking and Tracing

BlueTree system is linking with our real time operation process and connect our suppliers system to provide estimated idea and time for any shipment under Blue Partners bill of lading

Sea Freight Service

Contanierized Services

Blue Partners is multi function / multi alternative service provider commits to its customers full logistics service in accordance with ICC (International Commercial Counsile) rules and regulations in various countries.

Blue Partners main aim to create a solid Value Added Service to its customers and suppliers and acts as Real SILENT SOLUTION PARTNER

Experience, Network, New Generation Technology and Innovation are our main vital assets which simplfy and regualate any complex transportation and logistics inquiries

Land Transportation Services

Blue Partners Logistics is solid service provider for its valuable customers and partners is having well experienced professionals and Multilanguage team in commited services.

Trans-Model Services

Turkey is a natural gateway for some certain countries through its bonded transit corridors. Blue Partners is having strong experience with its Bonded Truck and All Risk Insurance covered sub contractors from Turkey to other countries.

Inter-Modal / Multi Modal Services

None of any transportation mode can be an only option for various dynamic needs of the clients. Blue Partners experienced MultiModal Business Managers provides combination of various aspects, routes of shipping and logistics with most updated suppliers, equipments and Routes in certain traffics.